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Royal Opera House - Picture a day like this - Reviews London Premiere 2023

“[The cast]...together with the conductor Corinna Niemeyer, bring the world that Benjamin has created movingly to life.” ****


The Guardian, 24 September 2023



“The 70-minute journey…is full of gentle wit and insights into human nature - and some compelling music for the singers and a chamber orchestra, virtuosically delivered under Corinna Niemeyer’s direction.”


The Times, 25 September 2023



“…conducted by Corinna Niemeyer with tenderness and care.”


Opera Today, 23 September 2023

"20 players of the Orchestra of the Royal Opera House guided by (...) conductor Corinna Niemeyer created a unique, all-enveloping world."

London Unattached, 23 September 2023

"Corinna Niemeyer conducts this densely written score with precision and exuberance"

Culturewhisper, 23 September 2023


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