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C h e f   d ' O r c h e s t r e

Musikkollegium Winterthur - s isch mega fein gsi!

3000 children listened to our concerts and sang with us - so well and with so much enthusiasm! Still thrilled about these two fantastic projects with the Musikkollegium Winterthur...!

Last week 4 concerts with Beethoven 6th symphony plus some beautiful (!!) sing-along excerpts, this week two school concerts and a family concert with Swiss songs in a colourful and intelligent arrangement by Fabian Künzli and with participation of the excellent Kinder- und Jugendchor Winterthur.

Inspiring conversation with two 9-year-old children in the first row, who came to the family concert on their own: "We have been here for the school concert yesterday and we liked it so much so we have come back today. And we got a voucher for a concert so we plan to come again next week. Will there be a concert next week?"

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