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C h e f   d ' O r c h e s t r e

Finale! SWR Sinfonie-Orchester Baden-Baden und Freiburg

Last and final concerts with the SWR Sinfonie-Orchester Baden-Baden und Freiburg before the merger in september.

This was my first orchestra of excellence I conducted. Moments that changed my life. And it was the orchestra I knew best, from many rehearsels and concerts and from assisting Francois-Xavier Roth in many different projects.

My first project with them was to assist on an education project - "Romeo feat. Julia" in 2012 with music by Prokofiev, hip hop dance and rap music. In my last project with the orchestra I conducted a childrens' orchestra at the final open-air concert - as a "double" of FX Roth, who couldn't be seen by the children - and I did the pre-rehearsels with orchestra members, amateurs and 100 children from Freiburg... one of the pieces was from Prokofiev's Romeo and Juliet. Some love stories end before they should...

Danke für alles!

#SWR #Education

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